The Emperor of Night [WP]

The Emperor Of Night

It happened that in olden times, in a land far, far away, an ancient people looked up lazily toward the approaching evening.

These were such ancient times that the stars were not yet born and the full-bellied moon was the sole celestial body in the nighttime sky. But on this evening, as twilight crept slowly toward the west, the startled people watched in awe as the sun began to rise again. Along the far horizon of the sea, it sprang up boldly and hid behind the full-bellied moon and all the land fell into sudden night.

The Earth was remarkably still, then, for this was a sacred darkness.

On the far side of the moon, under cover of night, the mighty sun caressed the moon’s fat belly with his eager fire, emptying his rays into her hidden crevices and filling her with his power until, it is said, she began to glow.

The glowing moon, unable to withstand her fullness, surrendered to the penetrating flames of the mighty sun so completely that his flames burst through her swollen craters, and together, as the frightened people fled in all directions, the sun and moon exploded in a […]

Madam Jamei | Erotic Stories by Madam Jamei

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Madam Jamei | Erotic Stories by Madam Jamei